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how to make my penis burger

Discussion in 'Channel Zero' started by casekonly, Jan 8, 2004.

  1. casekonly

    casekonly Veteran Member

    Joined: Aug 6, 2002 Messages: 8,264 Likes Received: 5
    making your penis bigger

    a friend ripped off one of those sites on the web...you know, the "make your penis larger" type deals. well, here it is, gentlemen. the only real way to do anything about your small peni. haha. actually, working out your pc muscles isn't bad whether or not you've got a small pee pee.


    When performing natural penis enlargement you enlarge the Corpora Cavernosa and all surrounding spongy tissue that fills with blood when you get an erection. If you start out performing the exercises cold, you will experience more blood spots and bumps than you would if you prepared your penis for the physical workout it is about to undergo. Just as you should warm up your body and muscle tissue before you workout, the same is true for penis enlargement. This will prepare your penis for the workout ahead by making the blood spaces in the Corpora Cavernosa warm, which expands the tissue and makes it more flexible and spongy. This exercise is called the hot wrap warm up, and should be done before and after every workout you do to your penis and testicles.

    First, start out by taking your flaccid penis and grabbing around the head firmly, but not hard enough to cause pain. Now, pull out with medium force, feeling a stretch at the base and the middle of the penis. Release every 10 seconds and repeat 10 times. For a few of the stretches rotate your penis in a circle, 10 times to the left, and 10 times to the right. This exercise will stretch out your penis and help prepare for the workout ahead. After you feel that your penis has been stretched out thoroughly, message yourself to a partial erection.

    This warm up technique is called the "hot wrap" because you utilize a hot wash cloth to expand and warm the tissue in your penis and testicles. BUT, there are other effective if not more effective methods of warming up that you may wish to utilize instead of the using a wash cloth. Regardless, we are going to explain the wash cloth technique first, then list the others.

    After stretching out your penis as outlined above, get a large wash cloth and soak it under hot water for a minute or so. Stand in the tub and wrap the wash cloth around your penis and testicles. This will feel HOT and you will be tempted to pull it away, but persevere because the hot sensation will subside very quickly. Now, sit on the edge of the tub with your feet in the tub so that you will be comfortable and the water dripping from the cloth will run into the tub and not the floor. Hold this cloth onto your penis and testicles for 2 minutes, and repeat the process 5 times to ensure the cloth keeps its heat. This warm up is done to promote and keep blood within the penis, keeping the blood spaces larger and more flexible. This will aid in faster progress and size gain, as well as promote good blood circulation.

    Another way to warm up is to submerse in a hot bath or hot-tub. After performing the stretching warm up, fill the bath tub with hot water, filling it just high enough to submerse yourself up to your waist. If you have a hot-tub, turn the temperature up to 104 degrees and submerse yourself the same way as the tub. Once in and adjusted to the heat, stretch and message your penis, pulling it out and rotating it within the tub. Do this for 10-15 minutes before getting out. Do not stay in too long due to the fact that the temperature should be a great deal higher than normal. Prolonged exposure to this kind of heat will cause heat exhaustion and dehydration.

    Whichever technique you choose to perform to warm up, always do it before and after your workout. This will ensure faster, better results with less chance of spots, bumps, and injury from an unprepared Corpora Cavernosa.


    No matter what you've heard from doctors, friends, or whoever, penis enlargement is possible. Whether you are wanting a longer penis, a thicker penis, or harder more frequent erections, it is ALL possible through proper exercise. Surgery is not the way to go, and pumps don't do anything but temporarily inflate your penis. Thorough exercise to your penis and testicles is the only way you will be able to get the results you desire, and it certainly won't brake your bank account or disappoint your expectations through doing so. They work IF you use them, and you must use them to see the results we've talked about. In fact, the ONLY thing that should cost you to aid in your exercises is a little Vaseline or Baby Oil for lubrication. This is penis enhancement the all natural way, not some $1,000 contraption like you see advertised on the net that you could replicate for about 20 bucks at your local hardware store.

    Below is a brief description of what exercises will enlarge your penis, and how they do so.


    The Jelq method was first used by Saundanese Arabs many centuries ago as part of their male culture. Having a large, well developed penis showed fertility and power and that was very appealing to the women. At the point of puberty, the boys of the culture were shown by their fathers how to Jelq (milk for enlargement). For 30 minutes every day, the young men jelqed their penis, and continued this exercise all the way to adulthood. Once adulthood was reached, they cut down their jelq sessions to 3 times a week to maintain their size and strength. This exercise was performed everyday, for 30 minutes, and was aided by mental imagery and breathing. It has been noted that some of these Arab men attained sizes reaching over 18 inches in length and 8 inches in circumference. No doubt if all of us were instructed to do the same at boyhood, we would all be hung like horses. After a year of continual milking the average length of each young man extended 9 - 10 inches erect and 6 inches in circumference. Wouldn't you have loved to have size like this as you entered high school? This exercise will lengthen and thicken your penis unlike anything you will ever come across. Jelq works because as you milk your penis, you are forcing blood into spaces in the Corpora Cavernosa that are normally restricted to a certain size. As you continue milking, the spaces in the penis continually stretch larger and larger, breaking down the cell walls within the Corpora Cavernosa (erectile tissue). As your daily workout continues, the spaces just keep getting larger and stronger, healing at night while you sleep. Within a month, you will definitely see an improvement in size and firmness, but within 3-4 months of daily exercises, the results you will attain are indescribable. Your erections will be as hard as a length of pipe, your penis will be larger, thicker, hang lower while flaccid, and the improvement in circulation from the exercise will undoubtedly improve sensation and feeling 10 fold. After your first year of daily exercises, you should experience a gain of at least 1-3 inches in length. Some men have even been recorded as to DOUBLING their penis size in a years time of daily exercise. Now when I say daily exercise, I mean a jelq session of at least 30 minutes continuous without stopping. This is done to ensure the proper enlarging of blood spaces within your penis.


    These exercises stretch out the central tendon-like tissue in your penis, making it longer both while erect and flaccid. The Length Extender simulates the best part of weight hanging without all the risk. It stretches your penis out at your own pace, and also allows you frequent stops to return circulation to the head of your penis. These exercises can be performed daily, but should be performed at least 3 times a week to aid in the lengthening process. The Power Stretch also stretches your penis in a similar manner, but incorporates an under gripped pulling of the testicles to stretch out and lengthen the skin connecting the testicles to the penis, giving you a more "hung" appearance and lower hanging/larger testicles. This exercise also promotes an increase in testosterone and sperm count.


    One of the key exercises in our program is a variation of the Arabic "Jelq" Method. This exercise is hundreds of years old, and is the most powerful penis enlargement exercise known. This introduction will explain the basics of how to do the exercise, what the exercise does, and why it works. No matter what methods you decide to do for enlargement, Jelq should be done every day to keep the Corpora Cavernosa in top notch shape. 3 months of daily exercise is needed to see significant gains, but MANY of our clients have gained 1" within the first 6 weeks of daily 30 minute Jelq sessions. Remember, before you start a penile exercise session, you should always start out by stretching out your penis lightly by grasping around the head and pulling outward. Rotate your penis once extended outward in a circular motion. Do this for a few minutes to make sure you are ready for a Hot Wrap. Once warm up is completed, dry off your penis and testicles with a soft towel so that the water doesn't contrast with your lubrication.

    The Jelq method is also called "milking" because of the obvious milking technique the jelq resembles. This is how it works:

    By lightly massaging the penis to a partial erection, blood is held within the penis.
    By grasping around the base (bottom) of the penis shaft with your thumb and forefinger, you trap the held blood within the penis.
    By taking the grasped finger and thumb and sliding it forward slowly the blood within the penis is forced forward into the Corpora Cavernosa (erectile tissue) and the Glans (head).
    The blood spaces within the penis are forced larger every time you milk forward. As one hand milks forward to the beginning of the head, grasp around the base of the shaft just like before with the other hand, releasing the hand that has reached the head and repeat with the other hand, over and over again at a medium to slow pace (one second intervals).
    After an intense Jelq session of at least 30 minutes, your penis should look somewhat like the picture to your left. 30 minutes is the least amount of time you need to spend on a continuous Jelq session once you've overcome the soreness and red spots/bumps faze. In the beginning when you first start your Jelqing, most men experience red spots, bumps, or light bruising on the penis head and surrounding areas. Don't worry because this is perfectly normal and will usually subside within the first week of exercise. These are simply caused from the stretching of the blood spaces within your penis and the new increased blood circulation. To minimize these "battle wounds" start out slow, and build your self up where you should be. Below is an example of how you should start and what you should work your way up to:
    In the beginning, start out by doing 300 milks a day. Follow this by a 15 minute Hot Wrap. Each milk should last 1 second from grasping the base and sliding to the head. Do this for one week, and be sure to do 100 Kegels a day. This will aid in the new circulation and strength building taking place within your penis.
    The second week will be much harder than the first. 10 minutes of continuous Jelqing then follow by doing 200 Kegels. Do not ease up unless you happen to feel pain which is unlikely. Apply a Hot Wrap for 10 minutes to finish the session.
    The third week you should be ready for 30 minutes. Now, this takes more will and desire. Not every man who reads this manual is going to do these exercises all the way. Make sure you are real warmed up and have done a Hot Wrap for at least 10 minutes before exercise. Once you have started, don't stop! Keep going and keep a watch near by so you know exactly how long you have been Jelqing. Don't look at the time too much though or you may get discouraged. Afterward finish off with a 10 minute Hot Wrap and a 300 Kegel workout. Continue on this program for 5 weeks, a total of 2 months since you first started. After the 2 months you will know exactly how you like to Jelq and may actually add your own style to the exercise. Just do what feels good and feels like it's working.
    Finish the program above for 2 months before attempting to proceed with the "Exercises" section of the manual. It is for advanced practitioners and most men will not be able to do them until they have worked their way up. Use this as a rule of thumb, you will appreciate this program more if you do so.
    QUICK TIP #1

    Your choice for lubrication is a crucial one, because if you choose one that evaporates easily then you will have to continuously reapply it. Your best bets for Jelqing are Vaseline and Baby-Oil. Alot of our clients use Johnson's & Johnson's Baby Oil with Vitamin E added.

    QUICK TIP #2

    If the continuous exercise forms painful bruising on your penis, stop all exercising and wait for the bruising to subside. You can always perform Kegels, and we suggest you get into the habit of doing Kegels while you drive or while you are sitting at work, school, etc. Kegels are very important to the overall development and health of your penis, you can't afford not to do them. Every man should do at least 500 Kegels a day.

    QUICK TIP #3

    Take one day off every two weeks, and that's it. If you take excessive time off in-between Jelq sessions you will NOT see the kind of results you want. Results will come over time, you MUST persevere and keep exercising. Do not expect a gain of an inch in only 3 weeks of exercising. 3 weeks is not long enough to do anything, let alone gain an inch. Although, some men have gained an inch in 3 weeks to a month, this is not the norm. The more you dedicate to the exercises, the more results you will see.

    QUICK TIP #4

    Apply the Mental Visualization and Breathing Exercises to your workout because it will promote the best possible results. It will not only aid in keeping your penis at a partial erection, but also keep from getting a full erection and overcoming the urge to ejaculate, either when you are exercising or having intercourse. Make sure you utilize all the information so that you may achieve the maximum results and benefits possible. If you can't keep a partial erection and begin to go limp, visualize blood filling your penis every time you milk, and try doing several Kegels while you jelq to send more blood to your penis. Remember to do at least 500 Kegels a day to develop your penis strength and ejaculatory strength plus control. Kegels are the key to ultimate penile power!

    QUICK TIP #5

    DO NOT Jelq in the shower! Most men won't stand up for the amount of time needed to have a good Jelq session, and if you use soap you will be sore for days! A hot bath or hot-tub is good to submerse in after an intense Jelq session, and if you have either use them. The heat will keep the blood spaces expanded longer and will also promote faster healing for faster results. IF you do not have either, a Hot Wrap is also good.

    QUICK TIP #6

    If you feel the uncontrollable urge to ejaculate while performing Jelq, you have a very weak and poorly developed ejaculatory muscle (PC). Upon the first sign of ejaculation, stop and wait for the feeling to subside. This will also teach restriction which will help when you make love. You need to really focus on PC strengthening if you can't control ejaculation while jelqing.


    Why exercise your PC?

    Development of your ejaculatory control muscle for unbelievable control over the premature urge to ejaculate.
    Development of a "muscular" looking penis.
    Ability to achieve ROCK HARD erections anytime you wish.
    Improved blood circulation for enhanced size, ability, and sensation.
    Drastically improved sexual stamina.
    Increase in ejaculation volume and intensity.
    Improved urinary flow.
    Ability to have many multiple orgasms without wearing out.
    Can actually help save your life by giving you a well developed healthy prostate.
    And the list goes on and on from benefits that having a super developed PC muscle can give you. This exercise can cure impotence as well as many other sexual problems commonly associated with getting older. The simple truth is impotence and all other sexual problems come from having a very weak and poorly developed PC muscle!
    Many of you right now are surly thinking "How the hell do I exercise that thing!?", but have no fear because many of you have already known how to locate it. Below we will explain where your PC is, how to locate it for exercise, and the basic PC flex to get you ready for our more intense workout, the PC Blaster.

    Let's get started

    Like I stated above, to locate your PC muscle you can stop the flow of urine during urination. The muscle you flex is your PC muscle. Ancient Taoists also called the exercise "tightening the anus" because of obvious reasons (it makes your anus tight when you flex).

    Start out by doing about 10 or 20 to see how well you can focus on them. If your PC gets tired after 20 flexes, you are VERY out of shape! After you do about 20 or so, flex and squeeze real tight and hold it for as long as you can. Though this may be intimidating at first due to your lack of PC strength, within a few month of continual exercise, you will be able to hold off the urge to ejaculate just by squeezing your PC muscle as tight as you can until the urge goes away. Talk about sexual stamina!

    Warming up

    Start out by flexing and unflexing at a steady pace for a good 30 flexes. At the end of the set, rest for 30 seconds. Continue with 2 more sets, resting for 30 seconds between each. After this is complete you should have better control over your PC muscle due to the increased blood flow.

    PC Clamps

    Squeeze and release over and over again. Start with sets of 30, and build yourself up to a set of 100 or more. I currently can do a single set of 700+ until I have to stop due to exhaustion. Your PC heals quite fast and you will find yourself waking up with ROCK HARD erections every morning! Make sure you do at least 300 PC Clamps a day for the rest of your life. You will soon find that it's the best move you could make for your sexual health and ability.

    Long Slow Squeeze

    Warm up with a set of 30 clamps then flex as hard and as deep as you possibly can. When you cannot squeeze any deeper, hold where you are at for a 20 count. Rest for 30 seconds. Repeat 5 times. After a month or so of exercising, you should be able to do squeeze and hold sessions for at least several minutes at a time. This particular exercise will give you absolute erections of STEEL and ability to last as long as you want in bed. Eventually work your way up to 10 sets of 2 minute long holds. It may sound like a lot now, but wait until you start to see the benefits! You'll be exploding across the room when you ejaculate! I've been told that it is this very exercise that has made Peter North so popular in the porn business!

    The PC Stair Steps Workout

    This exercise is simply tightening and loosening your PC muscle in increments. Begin to tighten your PC, hold, then tighten more, hold, a little more, hold, then tighten all that you possibly can and hold. Hold this for 20 seconds, then untighten a little bit, hold, untighten a little bit more, hold, a little more, hold, then finally release the rest. Do this 5 times with no rest in between.

    The PC Tremble

    Begin to tighten your PC muscle VERY slowly. SO slow in fact that it should take 5 minutes to complete. At some point you will feel that you can no longer tighten your PC but KEEP GOING! Go beyond where you think you can go. Keep tightening until your PC begins to tremble. Hold VERY TIGHTLY at that point and breathe very slowly and deeply for 30 seconds. At the end of 30 seconds tighten your PC even more, continually trying to gain new ground. When the burning becomes overbearing finally release and do 20 PC clamps. You should be very exhausted after this exercise. Do one set every day at the end of your workout.


    I have found that it is both convenient and efficient to do your PC workout everyday while you drive. Everytime to drive somewhere, BLAST THAT PC!!! You will thank us in a few months! A good workout I've found to do is to just start flexing my PC at a red light and keep going until the next one. Within a few months you will find yourself getting erections ALL THE TIME, especially when you wake up in the morning! Remember, if you do any exercise from our Program, this one is by far the most important because like I've said before, it doesn't matter whether you have 9" or 4", if it's not ROCK HARD, it's like having nothing.


    anyway, it's for sale, and now it's for free....if you'd like to know more about this subject, i'm not a fucking library, so go google it.

    have fun with this one, guys. the 12oz penis lengthening thread. ha!
  2. krie

    krie Guest

    way too much to read, id rather just take some pills
  3. casekonly

    casekonly Veteran Member

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    pills won't work.
  4. casekonly

    casekonly Veteran Member

    Joined: Aug 6, 2002 Messages: 8,264 Likes Received: 5
    those PC muscle excercises are mucho importante' especially when you get older...a good, healthy pc muscle will decrease your chances of getting cancer in the nether regions..and while you're young, it helps control orgasm...which means...more sex. either way, it's a good idea to know how your stuff works.
    that's my word. end of transmission
  5. DrUnk MoNKeY

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    TURBOCAPSLOK Elite Member

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  7. casekonly

    casekonly Veteran Member

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    in all seriousness, my penis is above average. i dunno why you'd be worried about it, anyway.
  8. casekonly

    casekonly Veteran Member

    Joined: Aug 6, 2002 Messages: 8,264 Likes Received: 5
  9. casekonly

    casekonly Veteran Member

    Joined: Aug 6, 2002 Messages: 8,264 Likes Received: 5

    TURBOCAPSLOK Elite Member

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  11. caL

    caL Senior Member

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    i used to do those excercises anytime i was sitting down.
    i should start again
  12. casekonly

    casekonly Veteran Member

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    i know you were joking. haha. you raugh, i raugh, we are raughin' buncha foo's
  13. 26SidedCube

    26SidedCube Veteran Member

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    I won't lie. I just 'jelqed' and 'kegled' for 20 minutes...

  14. Swiffer Jet

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    hmm...i have to finish reading this when i get off work.
  15. casekonly

    casekonly Veteran Member

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    i'll post or email the zipped website to anyone who is interested in this stuff. just drop me a line. confidentiality will be heeded, but i may laugh at you...that doesn't mean that i'll tell people who it was so that they can laugh at you. chances are, someone is laughing at you right now. my job is done if that's the case....wait...no...forget that i said that.