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graffiti writing -vs- your life

Discussion in 'Channel Zero' started by MR BOJANGLES, Sep 5, 2001.



    sometimes i feel like if i try to actually go to work and make something of myself the writers in my city look down on me cuz i aint out paintin like i used to...then when i try to just work enough to survive, and paint on a consistent basis, i cant live in the "real world" due to money, etc. (i.e. girls, relationships, eating real meals not ramen). how do you all deal with this? living with my parents is not an option for me, im 25 and theyre not around...any advice?
  2. dsel.ufd

    dsel.ufd New Jack

    Joined: Jun 28, 2001 Messages: 1 Likes Received: 0
    Im 21 and in a similar position as you,I dont paint as much as i would like mainly cause the stakes are higher now ,but fuck why are you concerned what the other writers think of what you do.I guess the real question you should ask yourself is what is more important to you .Graff or other shit.


    thats the problem...i love graff with all my heart. ive been writin since i was 15, but it made me miss a lot of so called "normal" things in life. im trying to shape my future,(money,love) but i cant give up graffiti. oh well...ill just keep listenin to advice on this topic.
  4. st.nick

    st.nick Member

    Joined: Dec 26, 2000 Messages: 672 Likes Received: 1
    its better than where i am. not painting a lot or making big bucks.
  5. WebsterUno

    WebsterUno Guest

    yeah, I feel you too.A female got mad cuzz I said "I want to paint" when she asked me what I felt was more important, her or hitting up.A job will feed you, a house or apt will shelter you, and painting will make you happy. I guess. Take care of your priorities before you paint, then go blast the walls! I can go deeper, but I wont.


    same boat. im an all or nothing person. i've been floundering lately because i have way too many other commitments. for me to achieve the level of greatness i know i can achiebve i'd have to become a total zombie and drop off the face of the earth. and that makes me mad. FUCKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. alkaline

    alkaline Elite Member

    Joined: Apr 2, 2001 Messages: 3,097 Likes Received: 0
    Are you in it for the fame or because you love to paint? It seems to me that if you just love to paint, then you shouldn't be worried about the other heads in your city. Maybe it's time for you to evolve. Maybe you don't paint as much, but when you do you make it good. There's a common training philosophy (in sports) that says you go for a while and things are fine. you take a break for a little while (not too long) and you come back. When you come back you begin to get better than you were before. Obviously, this is a simplified version, it may translate to graffiti as well. While you are taking time of, maybe you could work some overtime and save some extra cash.

    Just babbling ... take it for what you will.

    Stonecutters #1


    good advice akaline, the thing is...im in cleveland ohio, not much of a scene here even though it is a big city. theres only about 9 of us really making ripples in the water...but i do agree about the "break" thing.im just one of the few people that help keep things moving around here..well enough babbling. keep posting people!
  9. cracked ass

    cracked ass Guest

    I'm in the same boat. In fact, I think I'm the captain. I'm even older than you, and my distate for the ways of the "real world" keeps me down, keeps me surly. I can't even hunt for a job anymore, the idea fills me with dread and nausea. I thought I found a sneaky way around working for a living, but it's not working out and I'll be broke again very soon. The paint stash is still OK, but thinning, and winter is around the corner. I don't like the looks of things.


    one word - WELFARE. if im going to be supporting people who suck the system dry, i'd like one of them to be a person i can associate with.

  11. and now you choke

    and now you choke Elite Member

    Joined: Feb 19, 2001 Messages: 2,558 Likes Received: 0
    dude, you can easily cut the price of living simply by going the the best damn fast food restaurant around...bojangles...! dirty south yo! boh hahng glaise! yeehaw!
  12. Secret

    Secret Elite Member

    Joined: Apr 20, 2000 Messages: 3,169 Likes Received: 0
    My life, eh? Hmmm...

    Drinking VS Painting

    I choose to drink. [​IMG]
  13. inkjunkie34

    inkjunkie34 Senior Member

    Joined: Jun 9, 2001 Messages: 1,614 Likes Received: 0
    i agree
  14. cracked ass

    cracked ass Guest

    Well, feel free to mail me some cash, but I can't collect from the govt. I haven't officially worked in so long, I don't qualify as unemployed (?!). I don't think I qualify for any govt. assistance, and I'm not about to brave the 2-hour lines of white trash and their shrieking offspring to find out.
  15. Remy Martin

    Remy Martin Guest

    you know i had the same problem...so i went on state dissability and collected 3500$ from public and private sources cause im deppresssed...(about not painting, after which the three and half grand and no job helped immensley..) but fuck it..ill be painting till i die..i mean how hot can a 85 year old with a cane and a can be yah know...whos gonna belive that shit...""but officer, this old guy with a cane was painting the walls..."" and you can always fake out a stroke an shit....
    nahh fuck it...i like my pad..i like nice clothes..and i dont rack that hard..so i work but belive me you..i have annoyed the fuck out of corporate america... and indepthly explpored how hard you can get over if you have a good job you kick ass at and dont want to go to work cause you feel deppressed about not painting.