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good political mp3s/audio

Discussion in 'Channel Zero' started by Mr. Mang, May 5, 2002.

  1. Mr. Mang

    Mr. Mang Elite Member

    Joined: Feb 27, 2002 Messages: 2,901 Likes Received: 1
    jello biafra - anything. especially "die for oil, sucker". i never was a fan of DK, but this spoken word stuff is really good. a lot of funny and interesting things. not like watching CSPAN.

    noam chomsky - anything. capitalism debate.

    mmm good
  2. Big Bruno

    Big Bruno Senior Member

    Joined: Oct 8, 2001 Messages: 2,472 Likes Received: 70
  3. 23578

    23578 Elite Member

    Joined: Jul 2, 2000 Messages: 2,521 Likes Received: 0
    alternative radio for me.
  4. RaiD

    RaiD Guest

    Mumia Abu Jamal thats all i gotta say. if you dont know mumia LEARN. he can open your eyes to some shit.
  5. blink_ATX

    blink_ATX Guest

    im sorry


    boyetsfire - spoken word, from euro CD
  6. Vanity

    Vanity Veteran Member

    Joined: Apr 11, 2000 Messages: 7,673 Likes Received: 6
    public enemy
    dead prez
    all them cats from the late 80s (xclan, etc)
    the future - nuclear holocaust
    the message
    that song w/ all the mtv top 10ers :p
  7. Mr. Mang

    Mr. Mang Elite Member

    Joined: Feb 27, 2002 Messages: 2,901 Likes Received: 1

    you mean the "suckerpunch training" CD? the little 4-song deal? that talk at the end is pretty damn good. i agree.
  8. 23578

    23578 Elite Member

    Joined: Jul 2, 2000 Messages: 2,521 Likes Received: 0
    i was at my friend's house yesterday evening, not drinking or anything, just hanging out right. he told me of this time when he was walking around town, which he is prone to do, and came across an underground pipe with some nasty shit just dripping out of it. he brought it to the attention of the company whose property it was on, they just said, oh really, and we don't know anything about it, and no, we don't have any liability insurance. sounds like they were just trying to get him off the scent. anyway, they basically were found to be the worst polluter in whole area and millions of dollars later the stream they dumped into for years was 'cleaned up' and, well, there's a whole lot of stuff that went on during the clean up that was shady as fuck. like all this concrete and metal shit that was contaminated that we used to play around mysteriously went away and the whole town was covered in dust for like two years, my working being outdoors and literally next door at the time. and, well, it's no wonder i'm bitter. here is a map of new york states superfund sites. www.nypirg.org
  9. hava_nagila

    hava_nagila Junior Member

    Joined: Apr 4, 2002 Messages: 237 Likes Received: 0
    mumia abu jamal / man is the bastard split.
  10. blink_ATX

    blink_ATX Guest

    yeah, i just burned a cd with all the older songs and that one at the begining, oh my my.