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fuck college

Discussion in 'Channel Zero' started by HESHIANDET, Apr 2, 2002.



  2. willy.wonka

    willy.wonka Guest

    BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT....aaaaah fuck it.
  3. Abracadabra

    Abracadabra Dirty Dozen Crew

    Joined: Dec 28, 2001 Messages: 22,906 Likes Received: 113
    attend the school of life
  4. willy.wonka

    willy.wonka Guest

    only about ten billion things to learn

    yes, me too.
  5. 768186

    768186 Guest

    thats what ive been feeling like a lot lately:eek:
  6. mental invalid

    mental invalid Dirty Dozen Crew

    Joined: May 11, 2001 Messages: 13,050 Likes Received: 8
    shut your hole and get to class.....loungin in college, and bitchin about it....cool classes, dope profs, lots of betties....i know somedays it seel pointless, but its not....is this conversation de ja vu?...:p

    how else you gonna get that M5 dood?.... ;)
  7. colour

    colour Member

    Joined: Feb 3, 2002 Messages: 906 Likes Received: 0
    yeah man fuck this shit

    college isnt a place for a sloth like me...
  8. Are2

    Are2 Guest


    i'm all finished with that

    ...Miss Are2, B.S. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  9. railroadjerk

    railroadjerk Guest

    shit, hesh gets to sit in classes and chat on aim and hes complaining haha....i shouldnt talk though ive been super lazy lately, and its really kicking me in the ass.
  10. fr8oholic

    fr8oholic Veteran Member

    Joined: Apr 23, 2000 Messages: 9,256 Likes Received: 2
    he's gonna buy it offa' me!:cool:

    heh, i'm stufpid... -see that i didn't go to college, can't spell worth a crap.
  11. mental invalid

    mental invalid Dirty Dozen Crew

    Joined: May 11, 2001 Messages: 13,050 Likes Received: 8
    "he's gonna buy it offa' me!"-fr8oh

    yeah but only cause youll get caught doing 150 in a 40 and lose your license for the 5th time....;)
  12. Pilau Hands

    Pilau Hands Guest

    lately college has seemed like more and more of a chore. but to me that means that summer's coming...that's all. i gotta stick with it...for however long it takes...for me to figure out whatever it is i want to do. i just wish i was interested in computers...or medicine...or law...or business. the big four...and i want nothing to do with them.

    this week, my future will look like this

    on an island somewhere teaching kindergarten, surfing, writing reasearch papers on the local culture. this will require more andmore sociology classes...time's running out. and i'm off to school soon...okay i'm depressed now. you know what that means.

    where are my flip flops?
  13. CIPHER_one

    CIPHER_one Senior Member

    Joined: Jul 3, 2000 Messages: 2,300 Likes Received: 0
    Im pretty sure I'm looking into going to your college. so dont say that.
  14. Dr. Dazzle

    Dr. Dazzle Veteran Member

    Joined: Nov 19, 2001 Messages: 8,147 Likes Received: 3
    College wasn't bad until I had to register for next year. Jesus christ what a major pain in the ass that was. Drove me crazy. Now I want to kill everyone there.....
  15. shameless self promotion

    shameless self promotion 12oz Legend

    Joined: Mar 7, 2001 Messages: 16,307 Likes Received: 112
    Im failing out..


    Im goin to art...

    Shoulda done that shit in the first place..