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for any fans of blood for blood...or even if not..still a funny read.

Discussion in 'Channel Zero' started by ilikeskulls., Sep 19, 2002.

  1. ilikeskulls.

    ilikeskulls. Guest

    http://www.whitetrashrob.com/ten.htmTop Ten Lists

    Top Ten Stupid, Inexplicable, Insane Things Rob Has Done While "Under The Influence":

    Top Ten Stupid, Inexplicable, Insane Things Rob Has Done While "Under The Influence":
    [10.] Searching for a glass of water in the dark, he accidentally drank
    his younger brother's "Sea Monkeys".
    [9.] After waking up face down on his bedroom floor one morning, he
    discovered that someone (possibly himself) had scrawled "CALL ME ISHMAEL!"
    on his bedroom wall in Heinz Green Ketchup. This mystery remains unsolved.
    [8.] For comic effect, he once on a dare "made out" with his unwilling
    buddy Big Eric on camera (this not only makes Rob a drunk but a whore
    and possibly a little fruity).
    [7.] After being pepper sprayed by BPD, he stumbled into an alley to
    take a piss (not realizing his hands were covered with the offensive
    substance) and effectively "pepper sprayed" his pecker. This lapse in
    judgement resulted in painful urination for about 2 days.
    [6.] In Costa Mesa CA, after consuming a truly heroic amount of beer,
    tequila, and "other" substances, he ran naked through a large bonfire,
    which had been built by a couple of newlyweds on the beach to celebrate
    their union. Personal injury to Rob remains classified but he did stick
    around after the incident long enough to drink the newlywed's beer.
    He remained naked through out this episode much to his band mates'
    chagrin and much to the horror of the newlyweds.
    [5.] After drinking 12 or so beers at the Rat, he crashed his ex-girlfriend's
    car into a carload of yuppies. He then fled the scene unaware that sitting
    behind him in traffic was an undercover State Police Officer watching the
    events unfolding. Rob was apprehended after a merry 40-minute chase at the
    Mass Turnpike tolls where he was intercepted by about 5 State Police cruisers.
    Rob has never had a driver's license. There is no humor in this anecdote.
    [4.] To amuse a few drinking buddies, Rob once donned a large, flamboyant,
    spangled Elvis Presley circa- 1970 Las Vegas costume that he had found in
    his friend's closet (???). This costume inexplicably included a woolen hat
    that looked like a sheep's head (with big floppy ears). After midnight and
    about 16 beers, he left the shindig and headed back to his apartment in the
    Charlestown projects. After being accosted and chased for a few blocks by
    some local hooligans with knives, Rob realized he was still wearing the Elvis
    costume and the woolen sheep's hat (with big floppy ears). The rest of the
    trip home was an exciting "Judgment Night"-esque romp through the projects with
    the goal being to not get stabbed.
    [3.] After a night of heavy boozing, he once woke to find over forty of those
    orange traffic cones and one of those big orange barrels with the blinking
    yellow light in his bedroom. The acrid stench of rubber and road tar was enough
    to choke a Billy goat. This mystery also remains unsolved.
    [2.] One frigid February morning (about 3 a.m. or so), he stole his roommate's
    car and drove to Store 24 for a pack of butts. Only after purchasing the cigarettes
    and inquiring why the clerk and the 1 or 2 other customers in the store
    were laughing hysterically, did Rob realize he was clad only in a pair of Fruit
    Of The Loom boxer shorts (with a gaping bird hole).
    [1.] In front of a large audience at a keg party at his old apartment, Rob once licked
    his dog's balls. Actually "licked" doesn't really cover it. "Licked" is too
    polite sounding. Let's lay the cards on the tableā€¦.Rob tongued his dog's balls.
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  2. GLIK$

    GLIK$ Dirty Dozen Crew

    Joined: Jul 23, 2002 Messages: 22,277 Likes Received: 117
    B4B sucks anyway, theyre all gay.
  3. ilikeskulls.

    ilikeskulls. Guest

    they're assholes...i like some of there stuff but that stuff is hilarious regardless.
  4. mr.e

    mr.e Senior Member

    Joined: Apr 8, 2000 Messages: 2,343 Likes Received: 0
    me and that guy got fushnickered together on sunday. shit was rad. he is as crazy as that shit says he is, trust me.

    and blood for blood fucking rocks. where else will you hear lines such as "fuckin your pussy, was like fuckin the wound from a shotgun blast, WITH gangreen!"

  5. Frate_Raper

    Frate_Raper Veteran Member

    Joined: Aug 20, 2000 Messages: 7,973 Likes Received: 169
    I'm crying laughing..................who tounges there dogs nuts?
  6. spectr

    spectr Guest

    blood for blood rocks i used to go see them at the rat all the time, and dam that is some funny shit, but sea monkeys rock to i want to get me some sea monkeys and then teach them to attack on command so i will have a army of killer sea monkeys to do my bidding....

    DITDxCULT Senior Member

    Joined: Dec 13, 2001 Messages: 1,192 Likes Received: 0
    "The line to suck my dick starts to the left"
  8. WALE!pd

    WALE!pd 12oz Loyalist

    Joined: Jun 7, 2002 Messages: 12,040 Likes Received: 364
    hahah b4b kicks ass, to bad i dont get to see them this weekend... i chose uk subs and the undead over them
  9. Zack Morris

    Zack Morris Veteran Member

    Joined: Jun 23, 2001 Messages: 9,728 Likes Received: 4
    and people wonder why I love blood for blood
  10. spectr

    spectr Guest

    where is blood for blood playing this weekend????
    dam i havent seen them since before the rat closed
  11. WALE!pd

    WALE!pd 12oz Loyalist

    Joined: Jun 7, 2002 Messages: 12,040 Likes Received: 364
    san antonio texas.. im not sure where the show is actually i just know its going on the same night as uk subs and the undead
  12. angry xbox

    angry xbox Guest

    they came round with most precious blood and SOIA last weekend in the you know where *atx* but i went to this hiphop party down the road instead and got bent
  13. socrates

    socrates Guest

    It doesn't matter about the music or the people it matters about if they like to get fucked up.
  14. sneak

    sneak Guest

    fuck me that guy sounds like the easiest person to fuck with when hes drunk...
  15. GLIK$

    GLIK$ Dirty Dozen Crew

    Joined: Jul 23, 2002 Messages: 22,277 Likes Received: 117
    October 5th
    The Loft Poughkeepsie NY
    Blood for Blood
    Most Precious Blood

    Doors at 4:30

    ill be there for MPB.