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Favorites from the Brick Testament

Discussion in 'Channel Zero' started by Jesus of Nazareth, Apr 30, 2003.

  1. Jesus of Nazareth

    Jesus of Nazareth Senior Member

    Joined: Dec 6, 2000 Messages: 2,388 Likes Received: 1
    ......this shit is pure gold....

    [b]Yes, it is a good thing for a man not to touch a woman; yet to avoid immorality, every man should have his own wife, and every woman her own husband.[/b]

    [b]The husband must give to his wife what she has a right to expect.[/b]

    [b]And so too the wife to her husband[/b]

    [b]You must not deprive each other, except by mutual consent for a limited time, to leave yourselves free for prayer...[/b]

    [b]...and to come together again afterwards.[/b]

    [b]Wives should be subject to their husbands as to the Lord, since as Christ is head of the Church and saves the whole body, so is the husband the head of his wife.[/b]

    [b]And as the Church is subject to Christ, so should wives be to their husbands, in everything.[/b]
  2. Jesus of Nazareth

    Jesus of Nazareth Senior Member

    Joined: Dec 6, 2000 Messages: 2,388 Likes Received: 1
  3. eseLokE1uno

    eseLokE1uno Senior Member

    Joined: Jul 29, 2002 Messages: 1,280 Likes Received: 0
    Damn another lego sex site, is this a new fetish or something?
  4. killtheradio

    killtheradio Member

    Joined: Dec 20, 2002 Messages: 375 Likes Received: 1
    damn that shits way funny....o and jesus and the easter bunny came over we had coffee
  5. oldenglish

    oldenglish Banned

    Joined: Apr 3, 2003 Messages: 1,308 Likes Received: 0

    Thanks Jesus.

    Sup Willy?

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    And you get to feel goooooooooooood about it to.

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    sorry. not trying to advertise.
  6. Kr430n5_666

    Kr430n5_666 Banned

    Joined: Oct 6, 2004 Messages: 19,229 Likes Received: 30