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David Firth Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'Channel Zero' started by I.C.Shadow, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. I.C.Shadow

    I.C.Shadow Senior Member

    Joined: Apr 9, 2004 Messages: 1,190 Likes Received: 1
    David Firth (born January 23, 1983) is a British internet star from Doncaster known for his animation and music. He made his first cartoon in 1999 called Jim's Story, of which there were 5 episodes. Later, he rewrote the cartoon, updating the characters and animations and retitled it New Jim Cartoon. He currently focuses mainly on Flash cartoons, including Salad Fingers, which the artist is probably most well known for. Firth is also known for composing Intelligent Dance Music under the name Locust Toybox.

    Firth is also suspected of posing as Jerry Jackson, an allegedly young teenage Flash cartoonist with little experience in Flash animation and poorly written English.




    http://www.fat-pie.com/bwrt.htm - A Black and While Cartoon About Roof Tiling (SICK)

    http://www.fat-pie.com/berries.htm - A Black and White Cartoon About Berries (SICK)

    http://www.fat-pie.com/milkman.htm - Milkman

    http://www.fat-pie.com/vdt.htm - Video Dating Tape

    http://www.fat-pie.com/love.htm - Valentine's Day Special

    http://www.fat-pie.com/ptikobj.htm - Ptikobj (Sock Episode 2) SICK!

    He's most famous for these Salad Fingers cartoons, they get better as they go on, weird fucking shit, but it is what it is.

    http://www.fat-pie.com/salad.htm - Salad Fingers 1: Spoons

    http://www.fat-pie.com/salad2.htm - Salad Fingers 2 : Friends

    http://www.fat-pie.com/salad3.htm - Salad Fingers 3: Nettles

    http://www.fat-pie.com/salad4.htm - Salad Fingers 4: Cage

    http://www.fat-pie.com/salad5.htm - Salad Fingers 5: Picnic

    http://www.fat-pie.com/salad6.htm - Salad Fingers 6: Present

    http://www.burntfaceman.com/ - Burnt Face Man

    There is a ton of other shit on his site, fat-pie.com

    He has a ton of videos with his friend Devvo.


    Devvo is Darren Devonshire, a "chav" from the Doncaster/Hull area. Devvo lets me follow him around and film his life in exchange for cigarettes, alcohol and small change. I suppose the following films are just documentaries about the "chav" scene/problem in Northern England.

    The following videos contain offensive language, drug consumption, violence and generally shocking scenes of chav life...and remember; all I do is film him, I am not responsible for what he does.

    Chav culture from what I understand is Euro drug culture, hard drug culture. These videos are entertaining as fuck.

    I dunno, check Firth out. I think it's pretty interesting/weird.
  2. test pattern

    test pattern Elite Member

    Joined: Jan 21, 2002 Messages: 3,975 Likes Received: 0
    i love salad fingers. huge fan, indeed
  3. I.C.Shadow

    I.C.Shadow Senior Member

    Joined: Apr 9, 2004 Messages: 1,190 Likes Received: 1
    He's like neckface with tallent :D

    What's a chav?

    Many people have asked "what's a chav?" well, they're known as many different names: Chavs, chavvies, charvers, townies, scroats, dillholes, kevs, neds, scallies, wankers, pikies, hardos, jippos, I guess they're just dirty, loud, ugly, stupid arseholes that threaten, fight, cause trouble, impregnate 14 year olds, ask for money, ask for fags, try and sell stolen phones, steal your phones, wear crap sports wear, drink cheap cider and generally spread their hate. If you want to know more then I suggest a visit to http://www.chavscum.co.uk
  4. shaolinmasta

    shaolinmasta Veteran Member

    Joined: Mar 26, 2003 Messages: 7,884 Likes Received: 157
    Yeah Salad Fingers is pretty funny/weird.
  5. master bait

    master bait Member

    Joined: Feb 16, 2005 Messages: 605 Likes Received: 0
    i wish the milkman would deliver my milk
    in the mornin'


  6. I.C.Shadow

    I.C.Shadow Senior Member

    Joined: Apr 9, 2004 Messages: 1,190 Likes Received: 1
  7. vacuum cleaner

    vacuum cleaner Senior Member

    Joined: Jul 4, 2005 Messages: 1,174 Likes Received: 5
    'ello my name is Jerry Jackson and Linkin Park is my favorite band!
  8. coco chanel

    coco chanel Member

    Joined: Feb 16, 2005 Messages: 307 Likes Received: 0
  9. decu goldyn1

    decu goldyn1 Senior Member

    Joined: Oct 24, 2001 Messages: 1,098 Likes Received: 1
    I made the mistake of watching A Black and White Cartoon About Berries
    at 4am last night. Uncool. That milkman one was rough also.

    but i like his other works...it's just a cartoon.
  10. Kr430n5_666

    Kr430n5_666 Banned

    Joined: Oct 6, 2004 Messages: 19,229 Likes Received: 30
  11. meateater

    meateater Member

    Joined: Nov 17, 2003 Messages: 789 Likes Received: 6
    Yeah im a fan! i think this shit is hillarious!
    Get the new toast boy 2... that shit is classis!!!
    ....... I like rusty nails.. Spoons SPoOoOns but before i leave i myst carrest this rusty kettle.