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Discussion in 'Channel Zero' started by Comp, Mar 20, 2002.

  1. Comp

    Comp Senior Member

    Joined: Mar 22, 2001 Messages: 2,134 Likes Received: 0
    i saw the video for walking with thee this afternoon.....i wa so blown away. seriously was the best music video i have ever seen. what music video just blows you away everytime you see it?
  2. fr8lover

    fr8lover Guest

    off the top of my head

    smashing pumpkins - 1979 (beginning driving part always gives me chills to see, the party scene...forget about it)

    yo la tengo - sugarcube (if you havent seen it, get it or something...unbelieveable)

    pavement - range life (sums up package tours pretty well)

    i could go on

    any of the two matador records video comps have great videos...helium's pat's trick is a good one, cornelius "star fruits surf rider" is badass...
  3. fr8lover

    fr8lover Guest

    blink182 "josie" i guess this really isnt on the same plane as these others but shit, its a hilarious video that brings me back to high school...not that i had a chance with alyssa milano in high school...but figuratively speaking.

    chemical brothers "block rockin beats" or "setting sun" two incredibly cinematic videos...especially the first one mentioned...they are like mini movies.
  4. fr8lover

    fr8lover Guest

    sorry im kind of taking over this post...

    aphex twin "on" stop motion stuff its amazing

    "donkey rhubarb" of course "come to daddy" and "windowlicker" too...

    weezer "say it aint so" left such an impression on me...the part where it pauses and pat looks at the camera and smiles, then starts up in the verse again...and the hackey sack slow mo part is really cool too...the whole video has a brown tint to it that is a neat effect...
  5. Comp

    Comp Senior Member

    Joined: Mar 22, 2001 Messages: 2,134 Likes Received: 0
    chemical brothers, star guitar, the whole thing is just filming out of a train window at really high speeds. sooooooo good.

    white stripes fell in love with a girl. lego sculpture animation amazing.
  6. ODW

    ODW Member

    Joined: Dec 28, 2001 Messages: 462 Likes Received: 0
    how can y'all forget about 'sabotage'? that is hands down the best music video iv ever seen. the beasties generally have great vidoes. spike jonze is a genius. the most disturbing video iv ever seen is the one for 'bottom feeders' by smut peddlers with RA the rugged man. keep in mind i havent seen the necro videos though.
  7. Comp

    Comp Senior Member

    Joined: Mar 22, 2001 Messages: 2,134 Likes Received: 0
  8. Santa Claus

    Santa Claus Senior Member

    Joined: Dec 23, 2000 Messages: 1,496 Likes Received: 0
    i love the simplicity of coldplay's "yellow" and the absolute beauty of "trouble"
  9. High Priest

    High Priest Elite Member

    Joined: Jan 1, 2002 Messages: 4,928 Likes Received: 4
    -ANY tool video
    -Sepultura - roots bloody roots
    -Smashing pumpkins - 1979
    -APC - 3libras
    -PinkFloyd - The machine

    cant really think of the rst...