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Ask yourself ...

Discussion in 'Paper Chase' started by Poop Man Bob, Dec 8, 2004.

  1. SLAK

    SLAK New Jack

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    Damn im bord as shit son
  2. KROW

    KROW New Jack

    Joined: May 26, 2010 Messages: 2 Likes Received: 0
    anyone wanna trade. I need more posts to be able to post images tho.
  3. Major Tom

    Major Tom Junior Member

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  4. fuzed...uk

    fuzed...uk Junior Member

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  5. that one kid you hate on

    that one kid you hate on New Jack

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  6. nautica

    nautica New Jack

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    dark angel dvd box set

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  7. Morleybaby

    Morleybaby New Jack

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    The first half of Brothers and Sisters Seasons 1-4 DVD Boxset was moving in an interesting direction, with Kitty's battle with cancer taking centre stage and Sarah finally getting back into the dating game in Brothers and Sisters Seasons 1-4 DVD Boxset. The family business was seeing success after a series of pitfalls and things were looking up for the Walkers in Brothers and Sisters Seasons 1-4. However, the latter half of the season of Brothers and Sisters 1-4 became predictable and tedious as Ojai Foods was once again plagued with a series of roadblocks with a melodramatic blackmail plot in Brothers and Sisters 1-4 that strangely disappeared as a result of even more secrets from William Walker's past being revealed. I think the viewers would prefer if the producers stopped using the same old tricks to build storylines based on William's dishonest past of Brothers and Sisters 1-4 dvd. In addition, the number of story arcs in Brothers and Sisters Seasons 1-4 floating around throughout the year was overwhelming (Kitty's cancer, Kitty's political career, Robert's new job, Sarah/ Luc drama, Kevin & Scotty having a baby, Scotty & Saul opening a restaurant, Saul's health concern, Nora & Saul's ailing mother, Justin/ Rebecca's marriage, Rebecca's miscarriage, Justin's medical career, Justin going to Haiti-- not to mention all the Ojai drama, flashback stories, etc.) Brothers and Sisters dvdDespite these drawbacks, kudos to the writers for getting rid of the Ryan Lafferty storyline- this was going nowhere and I'm glad they scrapped the idea. Another bright spot was Flockhart.I didn't watch Brothers and Sisters dvd box set the first two seasons and regretted it because it seemed like my kind of show.
  8. ThaDepressKid

    ThaDepressKid New Jack

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    WTF do i have to do to not forget how to bust its been a week and nothing
  9. maria22hzn

    maria22hzn New Jack

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    thanks for the tip guys
  10. kenny001

    kenny001 Banned

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    that is right, you give us a guide for posting the new thread, it is good for us, also for the forum. thank you very much.
  11. Krome Ink

    Krome Ink New Jack

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  12. be.e

    be.e Guest

    tease will be banned twice annually
    toys will make new threads
    zesto cant pass 7000 posts
    new girls must show boobs....

    thats about all of them

    i resent the boob comment.
  13. Sik-TwentyFo

    Sik-TwentyFo Member

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    then you must be a girl; Show Em
  14. Googleme

    Googleme Member

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  15. Googleme

    Googleme Member

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