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and you think you had a bad day

Discussion in 'Channel Zero' started by sneak, Oct 22, 2002.

  1. sneak

    sneak Guest

    rite, so yesterday i had a "fun" experience. its a bit of a story, and i would greatly appreciate your advice, helpfull or whatever...

    basically i am(was) mates with this guy. he has dyslexia and is a bit slow to be honest. basically on saturday i sold him a zoots worth of draw thinking nothing of it. i thought it wud last him bout 30 mins or whatever. then to my surprise, yesterday my mum got a fone call from that guys dad. btw my parents and his paretns are good mates. it turns out that they guy had taken it to his boarding schoool and been caught with it. it dont end there. he was only caught with it because someone he knew had stolen his camera after the guy i knew took 70 quid from hin (cos this guy wanted bud) and spent the money or whatever.

    so he gtes caught with it, and openly tells his parents and headteacher who he got it from - me. he implied that i was a big tie dealer.

    now my parents think im this (im no way like that) and they are screwing for obvious reasons. also the pigs could be drawn into this. what the fuck do i do if they are? there is no way im snitching cos the last person who did that was beaten and dropped ina field in the midlle of no where naked and with a broken leg.

    so help me please!! he is gonna get decked when i see him next but im more worried bout the police.
  2. sneak

    sneak Guest

  3. se_FOUR

    se_FOUR Senior Member

    Joined: Aug 27, 2002 Messages: 1,796 Likes Received: 1
    All that trouble for one spliff basically, damn...Police wont get involved for that..I`d be pissed at that dyselexic dude tho..
  4. sneak

    sneak Guest

    i hope thats the case bro, but apparntly the word was that i was a major player in that schoooL! the y dont realise that the school is in dorset, and i live in london!

    oh and se4, u up for a party wen dr dazzle comes over here soon?
  5. fizm

    fizm Member

    Joined: Apr 9, 2002 Messages: 573 Likes Received: 0
    i don't know what a 'zoots worth', draw, quid, or tie mean. unless tie is short for 'thai'
  6. el barto

    el barto Elite Member

    Joined: Oct 14, 2001 Messages: 2,627 Likes Received: 1
    god i feel dyslexic now after trying to make sense out of your enlish slang jesus man. zoots worth of draw, what the shit.
  7. se_FOUR

    se_FOUR Senior Member

    Joined: Aug 27, 2002 Messages: 1,796 Likes Received: 1

    A joints worth of weed..A "quid" is £
  8. sneak

    sneak Guest

    haha, and you think i get it when americans say "word" "hella tizzight" "brah" or whatever else you say
  9. --zeSto--

    --zeSto-- Guest

    dyslexics of the world untie !

    uhh... the guys sounds like a punk.
    He's stealing shit to support his drug habbit
    but the squeals when he gets pinched with a little joint?
    Guy sounds like trouble.

    just tell your parents that he's trying to set you up.
    Say that you had a fight over some girl and that he's lying.
    I still dont get why he'd finger a friend over a single joint.
    kid must be totally amature.

    I would have said "I bought it for a quid from some bloke down at the trolley depot."
    (if I was a brit)
  10. sneak

    sneak Guest

    i did consider lieing, but my mum has said on numerous occasions that if i lie about riminal matters, im gone out of the house. i kinda didnt want to test that. plus i thought that seeing it was only a spliff, no one would have cared that much.

    yeh, and i think anyone would have said that they got it from sum random guy, but dropping their mate in it???

    anyways ive come across the frase "snitches get stitches" here. im not going to get involved myself (to clever haha) i have a nice 6ft 7 mate from brixton who will handle it for me

    btw, i think im in the clear legally etc. apparntly the pigs arent getting into this, and so far my rents seem to be ok (well as okj as you can be) with it.....
  11. --zeSto--

    --zeSto-- Guest

    I too know a giant guy from brixton.
    He plays basketball. His name is Eric.

    yep... I dont really know him. But I think I do.
  12. sneak

    sneak Guest

    haha, good one
  13. !@#$%

    [email protected]#$% Moderator Crew

    Joined: Oct 1, 2002 Messages: 18,517 Likes Received: 622
    deny everything

    as far as the cops go
    it's pretty much that guy's word against yours
    make him look like a punk who got scared and brought his friend into it because he didn't want to get his ass beat by the people he actually got it from..

    there is no real evidence against you..
    and you sound young enough
    so i think mayeb they just want to scare you

    so if you aren'y some big dealer, you have nothing to worry about
    you hooked a friend up, he did something really stupid and snitched
    there is no record of your transaction though
    so you can just lie

    just do it well, develop a story and STICK TO IT
    no matter what kind of pressure your parents, or the kids parents, or the kid, or the cops put onyou..

    just keep saying you don't know why he would lie, other than to protect him,self from the people that really sold to him
    who cares if no one believes you

    worst case scenario, theparents will hate each other because hey, someone's gotta take the fall, and dammit, it ain't gonna be you
  14. amItoolate?

    amItoolate? Member

    Joined: Mar 5, 2002 Messages: 912 Likes Received: 0
    i had a reall shitty day too sneak (although thankfully not legal shittieness) musta been the full moon
  15. sneak

    sneak Guest

    Re: deny everything

    that completely made my day. i pissed myself laughing. thank you.

    this has turned out to be the case, so im not really concerned. but thank you anyway