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9/11: 2 Years Later, America Remebers

Discussion in 'Channel Zero' started by Daze One Million, Sep 11, 2003.

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  1. Daze One Million

    Daze One Million Elite Member

    Joined: Jun 12, 2001 Messages: 3,804 Likes Received: 0
    i seen this poll on aol, how are all you reflecting on this anniversary of the sept 11th attacks
  2. mapo returns

    mapo returns Member

    Joined: May 4, 2003 Messages: 687 Likes Received: 0
    my american history proffessor had us bow our heads at 8:36 which i think is when the first plane hit.

    its too bad america supports israel so much, or else those people would still be alive.
  3. Dr. Dazzle

    Dr. Dazzle Veteran Member

    Joined: Nov 19, 2001 Messages: 8,147 Likes Received: 3
    Oh man, that means it's going to be all over the TV ALL DAY.......
  4. iloveboxcars

    iloveboxcars 12oz Royalty

    Joined: Jul 29, 2002 Messages: 20,506 Likes Received: 450
    im going to live my day as normal.

    middle easterners dont sit around every day and think about the bombs we dropped on that same day a year before.
  5. !@#$%

    [email protected]#$% Moderator Crew

    Joined: Oct 1, 2002 Messages: 18,517 Likes Received: 623
    i couldn't care less about tv these days.

    i went to a memorial service.

    i light of the past year's events...i am a lot more upset this year than last year..
    watching the country change (for the worse) in the past 12 months has upset me quite a bit.

    plus i'm feeling emotional today.

  6. Daze One Million

    Daze One Million Elite Member

    Joined: Jun 12, 2001 Messages: 3,804 Likes Received: 0


  7. Daze One Million

    Daze One Million Elite Member

    Joined: Jun 12, 2001 Messages: 3,804 Likes Received: 0
    you remember last year and how windy it was...that shit was creepy
  8. nomadawhat

    nomadawhat Veteran Member

    Joined: Aug 24, 2001 Messages: 5,001 Likes Received: 2
    i pour some beer out....
  9. PedroHammers

    PedroHammers Dirty Dozen Crew

    Joined: May 24, 2003 Messages: 403 Likes Received: 0

    my god... wierd to see that here, i thought that was something me and my friends only discussed...
    yes that shit was creepy as hell, considering that power went out for all of lower CT for almost two days.
  10. krs702

    krs702 Senior Member

    Joined: Jul 6, 2000 Messages: 1,212 Likes Received: 0
    sept 10th live your life normally
    sept 11th live your life in solemn mourning and remembrance of such a tragic event
    sept 12th live your life normally

    oh we will never forget...

    catch the irony
  11. mr.yuck

    mr.yuck Veteran Member

    Joined: May 12, 2000 Messages: 6,952 Likes Received: 6
    When i was at the bar last night I was watching tv for a minute and saw a little blurb at the bottom of the screen that said some bones from 9-11 were just found on some scafolding some where near by. Two years and they are still finding remains in random places. RIP.
  12. metallix

    metallix Elite Member

    Joined: Oct 7, 2001 Messages: 2,955 Likes Received: 1
  13. metallix

    metallix Elite Member

    Joined: Oct 7, 2001 Messages: 2,955 Likes Received: 1
  14. kurgan8

    kurgan8 New Jack

    Joined: Sep 11, 2003 Messages: 20 Likes Received: 0
    ok...not to downplay the whole patriotism thing or anything....but man...the fuckers on that plane had razor blades....cmon....if a fucker on a plane that i was on tried to hijak the shit with me on it to run it into some huge ass building....fuck that...i would fucked that bitch up.....a razor...ooooo big shit....yeah hes gonna cut me up...but im gonna fuck him up somethin awful.....and what...a plane like that doesnt carry less than maybe 100 people or so...and then what...maybe soem of are old...or lil kids...so lets take away maybe 75 of em...so 25 people on that plane couldnt take out 5-10 arabian guys with razors?...what the fuck....man i really wonder who was on that plane....

    anyway yeah...r.i.p. to those people...especially fo rthe people that fought back...
  15. fuck those silly little aol polls.

    i'm closing this because i'm overly sensitive about this tragedy and i don't like where this is going.

    WTC rip.
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